Marielle Blanc works across diverse media, including sculpture, painting, installation and drawing. She is best known for her Doodles series drawings and for her hybrid sculptures. Highly crafted and deeply imaginative, her practice is activated through her reactions to social contexts.   


Marielle’s sculptures explore the unexpected potential of everyday life through allegories of subject, material and utility. Elements of vanity, accident, playfulness and humor are incorporated into works that induce strangeness in the familiar and provoke uncertainty in the expected. She juxtaposes objects to create her own symbolic and socially charged language. 


Marielle started her Doodles series in 2012. She draws hundreds of similar human faces, always using the same gesture yet giving each character unique features. Individuality gets lost in multiplicity and all that remains is a crowd of faces merging together to create an abstract pattern.


Marielle studied Fine Arts at the Ecole Cantonal d’Art du Valais (EDEHA) and received an MFA in Sculpture from Concordia University in Montreal. She has exhibited her work internationally, notably in Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland. Her work features in international private collections. She is the recipient of the Prix d’encouragement artistique de la ville de Morges (2018).